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Astrid Bourlond

Preachers, Speak for the State!

“I learned that when it comes from the heart it reaches the heart. When it comes from the tongue, it doesn’t reach the ears.” (Jordanian preacher) The Jordanian political regime relies in part on Islam for its legitimation. It is thus important for the regime to make sure that religion is interpreted the way it…

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How to Control Religion 101

Have you ever wondered how important religion can be for state leaders? Do you know how they try to keep what they see as ‘disturbing’ religious ideas under control? If you want to have key information to start answering those questions, this blog post is for you. In the Netherlands, the legitimacy of decision-makers is…

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Interfaith Dialogues: Peace and Tolerance Initiatives or Self-Promotion?

In May 2022, King Abdallah II and Queen Rania of Jordan were awarded the 2022 Path to Peace Award in New York. The prize was presented by the Path to Peace Foundation. This organisation is affiliated with the Vatican’s Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See to the United Nations. Jordanian and international newspapers highlighted…

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